Lightening premium Solution

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Offer premium thinning solutions to your patients!


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2 professional solutions.

The FEEL White Kit

With specific trays

A unique offer on the market combining a custom-made ultra-precise tray and Opalescence gel (extremely gentle natural lightening solution)

Receive the complete kit directly at your practice! Simple and sparkling

Lightening Option

With orthodontic aligners

This brightening solution is performed in conjunction with a DEEP Aligner orthodontic treatment.

Give your patients a perfectly aligned, whiter smile !

Gutter and its solution

The FEEL White Kit


Take an impression

DEEP Company offers you a premium brightening solution. When you offer the FEEL White Kit to your patient, you simply take a digital or traditional impression and send it to us.

Discover the Feel White Kit


Specific tray

We then manufacture a custom-made tray equipped with small tanks. These housings will be used to receive the Opalescence gel in order to contain and diffuse the lightening solution in a controlled manner.


Day or night ?

The splint is to be worn during the day or at night depending on the Opalescence solution chosen.

  • Opalescence 10% gel to be worn between 8 and 10 hours (night use recommended).
  • Opalescence 16% gel to be worn between 4 and 6 hours (daytime use recommended)
Lightening Option

Aligned and…
brightening !

Opalescence, the #1 solution for whitening

Offer your patients the opportunity to complete their aligner treatment with a natural, gentle whitening that is adapted to orthodontic aligners.

Opalescence gel is 80% water, has a neutral PH and respects 100% the teeth and their structure.

Select the Lightening option and receive the ready-to-use kit to give to your patient. Very simple to use, it has been designed for home use. It’s easy and risk-free